Design a local game character


It’s exciting to see that companies like Maliyo games in Nigeria are developing games which are about people in Africa.

How would you go about designing a game character which helps tell a story about where you come from?

For this exercise you could revise our lessons about simple shapes in Processing and build a character from ellipses, rectangles and triangles. It will probably end up looking  a bit like Pacman. Or else you can try to do some simple pixel art.

Pixel art looks a lot like the beading exercise we did earlier, doesn’t it? It works exactly the same way, but with simple pixel shapes (rectangular) instead of beads!

But first think about a couple of questions:

  • What is your character’s name?
  • What kind of creature is the character?
  • What do they do in the game? He/she/it doesn’t have to be human – can be a human, animal, insect, taxi, or even a pacman.
  • Is your character a good guy/girl or a bad guy/girl? How will the player know that from your design?
  • Before working on the computer, pick up a pencil and sketch the character (remember to keep it simple).

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