Design thinking and problem solving

Yesterday our workshop on design thinking and problem solving was presented by two guests:

  • Susan Crichton, Director Innovative Learning Centre, University of British Columbia
  • Brown Bully Onguko, Institute for Educational Development, East Africa, Aga Khan University, Dar es Salaam.
Group presentations

Group presentations

These were some of the interesting designs that resulted from our group discussions.

Group: Sengatheon


  1. Children are not using cellphones in the way they should use them.
  2. Lack of resources

Most schools don’t have enough text books

The cellphone could help with quick access. Only if the phone has Internet.

It can help with summarising the work that you are being taught at school.

The teacher can send the notes to the learner and have more time explaining in school.

Equipment: Electricity or solar power to charge the ipod

The cellphone or tablet

Internet (Internet must be free for schools)

The Ipod will consists of all the subjects.

Exercises can be done straight from fresh, sources like … Master Maths.

Cheapest tablets are under R2000

HTC Wildfire is under R800.

See the sketch here:

Group: Mystery

Component parts

Paint/metal container/zinc/fireplace


Sun ->Trapped radiance -> Converted to electricity -> Used as electricity

Solar panel – solar modules


Produce direct current from daylight

Inverter connects current from DC to AC

Switch unit

Charge controller

Solar battery

See the design here

Group: Young Stars

Problem: Electricity loss, shortage in Khayelitsha

For wash, to cook

Collect some wood, make fire, boil water (using kettle made up of steel)

We going to start making fire outside and we will collect the coals inside.

After collecting inside the house and we start boiling water.

Second design

Problem: Preserving photos for long periods of time

How can we help? We need a photo frame.

How can we do them – cardboard, transparent glass, small nails, hammer.

See the design here

Group: World Changers

Stars of tomorrow, Masakhane

Project – problem saving electricity, air pollution

Tank pipes

See the design here

Group: Mighty Thinkers

First aid chair

Material – cardboard, plastic, sponge, plastic, paint, glue



6 thoughts on “Design thinking and problem solving

  1. i just think guys what you have done already shows improvement yes please bring more thoughts on how we can actually solve our problems. from me ezra love you all though

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