Using HTML to plan a game

We’re going to be starting a new project this term, and in the process we’ll learn a bit of HTML, the language of the Web.

But first, what are we doing?  We want to create a game which shows the difficulties and challenges of high school in South Africa and also one which makes us laugh a little.

Think of some games you play. What are the things that stop you from winning in the game? The things that stop us from succeeding are known as obstacles or barriers. Now think… what are the obstacles or barriers we face at school?

Can we represent these obstacles as people (game characters) or physical obstacles and barriers?

Your homework involves learning some HTML. HTML is a web language.

Here is an example of an HTML page with some questions for you to think about

You can do your brainstorming here.

Your homework for next week is to plan the game, and describe or draw these characters or barriers and obstacles.


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