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This is our pitch video for our entry in World Design Capital 2014.

Creative Code introduces school kids to coding, making it more accessible through visual media, gaming and mobile phones.

Creative coders produce visual designs, games and websites. They may choose to study Computer Science or Digital Media. Help us renovate the Ikamva Coders’ computer lab and share our lessons in mobile form with many more kids and their teachers.
#WDC446: Creative Code

Creative Code is a computer literacy project with a difference, based at the Makhaza branch of Ikamva Youth in Khayelitsha. Creative Code teaches kids how computer coding works – how their favourite games and cool graphics are made. Creative Code teaches kids to look under the bonnet, and see how programs work.

Very few South African learners realize the exciting career possibilities in digital media and computer science, because computer programming seems very inaccessible and distant to them and they have very few opportunities to work on computers. We make coding more accessible through visual media, gaming and mobile phones.
Why crowdfunding?

We need to redesign and renovate our computer lab in Makhaza to better support our computer literacy and coding classes.

We want to support young graduates from our programme who are accepted for tertiary studies in information technology or digital media.
We want to develop our existing lessons into a set of mobile tutorials so that young people who don’t have their own computers can start learning computer languages and practice coding on their cellphones before they go to university.

We want to publish open source and open content visual design lessons and code templates. We also want to share our lessons so that more and more young people will see the amazing creativity and power offered to them by computer code.

Milestone 1: The Tipping Point → We reach this Milestone and our project is A-GO!

Milestone 1: R5 000.00

If we reach this target then we can refurbish the Makhaza branch computer lab!

Once we successfully reach Milestone 1, we’ll receive R5 000.00 match-funding from World Design Capital: Cape Town 2014.

Milestone 2: The Final Target

Milestone 2: R32 000.00

If we reach our final target then we’ll be able to:
• Publish our lessons in mobile compatible form for others to share and adapt.
• We’ll also be able to pay registration fees for any of the Creative Coders who are accepted to University next year.

Who will this project benefit?

Young people in Khayelitsha will continue to have opportunities to learn to code and to create their own websites, graphics, and games.
Lessons in the Makhaza computer lab will run more efficiently.

Computer literacy teachers around SA and the rest of the world will be able to use a set of mobile-compatible coding lessons.

Get Involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out:
If you have…
2 minutes –
• Share our Thundafund campaign link with your friends and family:
• Like and Share our Facebook page:
15 minutes –
• Email us to tell us if you’d like to donate equipment such as smartphones or tablets:
A few hours –
• Contact us if you’d like to help install blinds in our computer lab:


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