Make the pixel bigger

We only had 4 minutes to pitch our WDC2014 project. So we decided rather rashly to set up some kind of Arduino display to show off our work to the judges before and after the pitching sessions. Thankfully the brilliant Paul Mesarcik was intrigued enough by our request to take a look at the code we’d used to design our game characters and logo and get it to speak to his 100 pixel RGB LED display.


Bhavana and Paul from Thingking putting the finishing touches to our 100 pixel RGB LED display. Yay for low resolution DIY, Processing and Arduino



It actually works, Bhavana and Paul have a fix for the obligatory hiccups. Now we have a larger-than-life animated logo, using our home-made ‘font’.


And our design app works too. We can create anything… as long as it doesn’t require more than 100 pixels! As we hoped it gave a suitably monumental (if blinding) stature to our pixel art.



The display was a big surprise for the coders, who hadn’t seen it before. Here Ludwe Zigwebile, Onke Ntlolokotshane and Vuyani Nathan Vorslag get to work customising the display.


Ludwe Zigwebile shows the tablet app. For our next exhibition we’ll get the design app to control the big display.


Talita Maliti takes control


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