Big thanks to Thundafund supporters


Creative Code has reached another big milestone! This week we reached our first target when we received R5000 of contributions to our Thundafund crowd-funding campaign. This means that we can now contribute to the refurbishment of our computer lab in Makhaza. AND now we qualify for another R5000 match-funding from World Design Capital 2014.

Makhaza lab

Our Makhaza lab BEFORE the planned renovations. As you can see, we need blinds, a new projector and a coat of paint.

The supporters who have donated to us are very special people who believe in what we are doing here at Ikamva Youth. Some supporters are sending us their ‘selfies’. We use Processing to send them a ‘Thank You’ from Creative Code (No Photoshop required!). This one is part of a three-frame series created for Anja Venter and Ben Rausch.


Here are the names of our supporters, we’re sending out a very special thank you to all of them. I’m humbled that so many former or present UCT students pitched in – I know that our high fees mean that current students don’t have much spare cash!


Travis Noakes – Thanks Travis for applying your considerable marketing talents to promoting our cause. We so appreciate it.

createwithpixels 100 by 100px

Rupert Dolby

Studio Dolby Logo


Stephen Wolff

Anja Venter and Ben Rausch – the first supporters to send us a selfie.


Imelda Walton


Albert Combrink

Rossouw Nel

Every Bit made a difference!

Nicola Pallitt

Claudia Kalil

These people helped us think about a strategy for the project and fine-tune our campaign

Also a word for the encouragement, funding and practical support we received from

Nokia Research


Centre for Film and Media Studies who sponsored our transport and t-shirts.


Ikamva Youth, especially the inimitable Zukile Keswa from our Makhaza branch.


Albert Combrink for his brilliant pitching training, and Robin Combrink for always hanging out with us.



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